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House RPG OOC's Journal

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
1:22 pm - *taptap* Is this thing on?

Heeeeeeyyyyy...I know it's been *tumbleweed* kinda slow.

Just giving a modly poke, so... *pokes with a stick*

Do we need to bring in John Wells and his ungodly helicopters from hell? *snerk*

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
8:27 pm - Jan. Role Call

YAY! Finals and the holidays are over! Thank GOD! Phew!

In all the chaos, Audrey, Jake, and Saunders survived. Have YOU? Mwahahahahaha!

Oh! And as you can see, Aya's Benson is sorta "guest-starring". Read the Benson-McKay post. Good schtuff.

OK--SOUND OFF!!! (Please by January 17th, since more response might be given if there's a date given)

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Sunday, December 4th, 2005
7:19 pm - ROLE CALL!!!

Hello again everyone,

A tad late in the calling of role call, but it's getting down to the wire in the semester. Seems we're all busy now and that's understandable and school/work/life is important also. And then the holidays hit. So double-whammy on the RPG-front.

Also, I'd like to see if we can have our first Mass RP in MONTHS sometime in January. Perhaps a charity banquet or something. Ideas?

When things wind down, Audrey, Jake, and Clarissa shall be here, ready to cause/diffuse trouble (depending on the char lol)

current mood: headachy

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
9:03 am - ROLE CALL!!! :D

Hey guys. Yep, I guess we're all busy [(I'll also be practically non-existent until the 12th due to theatre obligations (GO PROPS!)]

So...the rules are simple: Pop up, say hi, and say what characters you're keeping or else which are departing.

EX: Hi, I'm Jess and Audrey. Jake, and Clarissa are still kicking around stirring up all sorta trouble! :D

Also, we still need a Cuddy, Foreman, and Stacy. Sorry I haven't posted on other comms yet >_< damn being busy.

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
4:29 pm - boo.

If anyone needs His Illustrious King Snark-Ass, hit me up at Li Satanome in AIM.

(Insert evil cackle riiiight here...)

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Monday, October 24th, 2005
11:36 pm - New Char and Other News

Character: Dr. Adrian James Douglas
Specialty: Medical pathology and anesthesiology
Journal: adrianslie

Player: Bethany C.
SN: ShifterOmi

The lowdown:Collapse )

Unfortunately, Cuddy-mun had to leave the game due to RL obligations. She wants to thank all of us for all the great times :D So I thought I'd open the search to you guys first for a new Cuddy and a new Stacy, just in case you know of anyone DYING to take a crack at either char (or you yourself, even). Michaela's ONE request is that Stacy isn't turned into a bitch, which I totally agree.

On Friday, I'll x-post across the "House" fandom about the openings.

Also, in terms of House, Li has graciously volunteered to be our interim House.

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
12:31 am - Rule Reconsideration and House Needs Some Love

Greetings Houselings,

First, the two-week posting rule is not working anymore since everyone seems to be quite busy (myself included) with school/work and just life in general. That's why I'm proposing we strike that rule completely and replace it with a Role Call on the first of every month where muns can peep up and keep their pups (or give them up, if that is the case). Any pups given up, I will edit the entry and place them under "Departing Characters" in an lj-cut. What do you all think? I just want to be fair and not place any pressure on participation. While participation is paramount, it shouldn't make rp-ing any less fun. RPGs are meant to be a fun, creative outlet and that's my intention to keep it that way :D

Second, we're still in need for a House. Any people you refer, have them go here, ask them to peruse the archives, inform that there's House/Cam establishment, and ask them to think about what they'd do with the House character plot-wise and character-development-wise.

Thank you all oh so much :D

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Monday, October 10th, 2005
11:45 pm - Update-age

Hello my lovelies :D

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we have replaced Cameron. The previous Cam-mun seemed to disappear without a trace. *hopes everything's all right* We gave her over 2 weeks, but not a single peep, so we had to replace, as Cam is a major canon.

The new Cam-mun (please friend doctorcameron) is Andrea (aka enchanted_april). She has loosely followed the rpg before as a reader and also has extensive experience in writing Cam (specifically Cam/House) fanfiction. You can reach her on AIM to welcome her and/or rp with her at: ALDunham

Also, Aya decided to leave the game. Not to worry, we have several well-qualified candidates vying their way for the coveted title that is "House-mun".

That is all for now. RP long and prosper! :D

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2:05 pm

I'm sorry. >.< I was gone all weekend and busy this past week, but I'm available to play, I swear!

AIM SN: VioletEyedVampyr <--if anyone wants to plot.

Also, I can't seem to join, houserpg can someone let me in?

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Thursday, September 29th, 2005
10:00 pm - Character Updates

Current ActivesCollapse )

Total Active Chars: 23
Total Active Players: 15

Incoming CharsCollapse )

Character NudgesCollapse )

EDIT: Stupid me. Julie-mun's correct sn is AronaGale

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
10:59 pm

CAM-MUN~~~<3 ;_; wheeerree are yooouu?

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4:17 pm

To anyone who doesn't have Adeline friended? She made a journal entry in case someone wants to thread.

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12:15 pm - NEW JULIE!!!

Character: Dr. Julie Wilson
Specialty: Peds Attending
Journal: dr_julie_wilson

Player: Arona
Screenname: arongale

Now be sure to read this as this is practically nothing like the previous Julie Wilson.

Info on Dr. Julie WilsonCollapse )

current mood: content

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Monday, September 26th, 2005
9:39 pm

Lae is playing Chase temporarily. So if you can find a Chase, please!

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3:53 pm - CAM


Before I post anything, I wanna talk to you about Storyline thinggyy! *hops up and down wildly*

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
11:59 pm - Friendly Reminder

Just a friendly reminder--for those of you who haven't yet--you have until 11:59pm EST this coming MONDAY to post in the rp or a character journal entry (for those with multiple characters, it can be with just ONE char, doesn't have to be ALL necessarily). Once that time has elapsed, a list of warned characters will be issued and be officially *poked* to get into action within that NEXT week.

But other than that, we're starting up at a fairly good pace! Keep it up! :DDD

*showers you all in cookies*

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
4:42 pm - :D

I, am going to Canada. When I return on Sunday, I will be posting a SHITLOAD more. You guys were right, Season 2 did inspire me. And hopefully the rest of you are inspired to post here, as well.

Until then, pleaseeee do your best to find a Foreman and Chase! Because they're important characters. Advertise where you can. I advertised in housemd and rpg_ads. So if you find other places, please poke poke poke around and pimp!

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
8:37 pm

Um if someone wanted to help Adeline maybe that'd be uh nice?

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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
8:48 pm - >_>

I'm playing Foreman. And House.

Just to let you guys know.

Foreman is my secret luff. XD *grins*


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Thursday, September 15th, 2005
12:58 am

Hello darlings!

The wonderful Kat-mun and I want to celebrate the start of the second season with a little rp tomorrow evening. Kat and Cuddy will go through the filing cabinets to sort out the files that go into storage. This will happen after business hours and will include pizza, music and general merriment.

We hope that a couple of you will stop by.

Much love,

PS. If you have any ideas for this, you can either comment here or find us on AIM as KatWard1978 and doctorcuddy.

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